Saturday, February 13, 2010

Putting "We-ness" into Marriage

This Valentine's Day weekend brings another reminder to Anita and I that we have entered into the second half of marriage. First, the news:

Jason and Jaime are expecting a baby in September!

I choose to take the optimistic road and say this DOES NOT make us old! After all, we are already grandparents to Jack, so now we are just doubling our blessings. And, we still have one son at home - a junior in high school - and a daughter who is a senior in college.

With all that said, our marriage relationship is changing. Yes, we will be doting grandparents; yes, we will still be involved in our two older sons and daughter-in-law's lives; yes, we have college events for our daughter and high school stuff for our son. But slowly, surely, we are discovering that we are moving into a season that is more partner focused than child focused.

Just what will that mean? Maybe some of the following:
  • Maximizing individual strengths for the benefit of both of us
  • Finding time to be companions
  • Understanding that compatibility doesn't always mean agreement
  • Continually adjusting to each other
  • Striving to be partner focused
  • Share rather than divide
  • Make creative use of conflict
  • Work hard at communicating
  • Commitment to continued growth

So here it is Valentine's Day Eve (I just created another holiday) and I am so thankful that I have the blessing of being married to Anita and sharing it with her. I am grateful for our first half of marriage and celebrations, but I'm excited about our second half!

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