Thursday, February 11, 2010

Elevation Celebration

It was party time at Elevation Church's Matthews Campus as we celebrated our 4th anniversary and Pastor Steven Furtick's 30th birthday. Over 1,000 of our volunteer leaders packed out the house. Wade, Chris, Mack, and London led in worship. Larry served as MC, introducing video clips around the theme of 30.

Israel Houghton surprised Pastor Steven, showing up to give an mini-concert. Craig Groeschel of LifeChurch spoke powerfully, giving honor and advice to Pastor Steven. Here are a few points he spoke to honor Pastor Steven:
  • Potentially the greatest voice in your generation
  • The things no one sees result in what everyone wants
  • Teachable
  • Rock solid marriage
  • Anointed and highly favored by God
  • You show biblical honor to others
  • Radically generous as individual
  • Deep reverence to the priority of the Word of God
  • Integrity to go the distance
  • Audacious faith

Here is the advice Craig gave to Pastor Steven:

  1. Ministry is a marathon, not a sprint
  2. The foundation of Elevation Church is not yet built; we are a micro church with a macro vision
  3. You are going to be misunderstood and despised
  4. Do not pay attention to critics or fans
  5. Live for an audience of One
  6. Do not get caught up in the success of this world
  7. Continue to let people tell you the truth
  8. Do not limit your thinking to this city, state or nation - aim for world impact
  9. Do not insult God with small dreams

As a gift to us, Pastor Steven gave out a blank mini-Moleskine with the following stamped inside:

Our Story. Elevation Church.

He challenged us to write the story along with him.

It was an experience too powerful to put into words. Truly, you had to be there. God is at work among the Elevation Nation, and we are ready to respond to His calling.

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