Monday, February 1, 2010

Are You Standing By...or Leaning Into?

Seth Godin has done it again - his newest book "Linchpin" is a masterpiece on many levels. Since early pre-release reviews began popping up in December, I've been anxiously awaiting the January 26 release. As with previous Godin books, I want to make some applications for ChurchWorld - and there will be plenty!

80 pages in, and I've just about used up one highlighter and a whole pack of Post-It notes! So much good stuff, I can't finish the book before I post.

First, the title of the book: Godin defines a "linchpin" as a person who's worth finding and keeping. It's someone who:
  • Stands out
  • Exerts emotional labor
  • Is seen as indispensable
  • Produces interactions that organizations and people care deeply about

Linchpins create forward motion.

They accurately see the truth, understand the situation, and understand the potential outcomes of various situations. The linchpin understands that you can't just "stand by" and wait for someone to tell you what to do or wait for something to happen. You've got to lean into whatever you are facing.

The linchpin is barely restrained, chomping to get to work. He leans into the work, not away from it. His energy creates energy in those around him; his charisma turns into leadership.

Do you have linchpins on your team?

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