Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just Show Up

Our neighborhood Target recently remodeled, enlarging its food aisles among other things in the store. Within the food section, there are rows of refrigerated and frozen foods - in dark display cases. Or so it seemed.

Step near the front of the aisle, and all the cases light up instantly with bright LED lighting, displaying rows and rows of choices. Motion sensors activate the lights when customers are present; if no one is there, the lights go out.

What looked like poor planning and marketing is actually brilliant efficiency at work. LED lights consume far less power, turn on instantly, are very tolerant of the cool temperatures, and have a longer life than any other type of light available. The food was there all the time; it just needed my presence to be noticed.

I think your community is like that, too. Along with the great needs in your community, there are great resources already there.

All that's needed is your presence - just show up.

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