Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thirty Day Plan to End Homelessness

Ron Hall, who along with former street bum Denver Moore wrote "Same Kind of Different as Me" and "What Difference Do It Make" makes a strong case for churches - ALL churches - to get involved in eliminating homelessness.

Hall believes that the problem of homelessness will never be solved by government. He states "government can neither love a man nor lovingly hold him accountable. The chronically homeless need love, compassion, accountability, and someone to come alongside them and hold them steady as the limp along the winding, pitted road to wholeness."

In his travels, Ron proposes a "Thirty Day Plan to End Homelessness". It works like this: the local pastor or priest or rabbi motivates his or her congregation to adopt one chronically homeless person. Each body of believers, whether it's fifty or a thousand strong, would assume collective responsibility for taking in one person and loving that person back into society.

What the church is offering is unconditional love - part of which recognizes that real love includes loving a person from dependence to independece. The result is up to God.

We are judged by our compassion, how we live our lives, not by how that person we help ultimately lives his. God commands us to love, not to calculate the end game.
What about it, church?

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Unknown said...

Here in Los Angeles we have an organization called ImagineLA and this is one of their ideas. I'm very excited about the potential. I am looking forward to working with them to spread this message. Thanks for a timely word of wisdom. If you have any others, I would appreciate it.