Thursday, January 14, 2010

Design Thinking

If this doesn't make you curious about the concept of Design Thinking, I'm not sure anything will! The image comes from the inside cover of the book "Change by Design" by Tim Brown, CEO of the celebrated innovation and design firm IDEO.

In the book, Brown introduces the concept of "design thinking". Design is not just about creating elegant objects or beautifying the world around us. The best designers match:

  • Necessity to utility

  • Constraint to possibility

  • Need to demand

Design thinkers rely on rigorous observations of how we use spaces and the objects and services that occupy them. They discover patterns where others see complexity and confusion. They synthesize new ideas from seemingly disparate fragments. And my personal favorite: They convert problems into opportunities.

"Change by Design" is a blueprint for creative leaders seeking to infuse design thinking - an approach for creative problem solving - into all facets of their organizations, products, or services to discover new alternatives for business and society as a whole.

Design Thinking is for anyone confronting the challenges of today in order to create the opportunities of tomorrow.

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