Monday, January 25, 2010


How to Change Things When Change is Hard

Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the best-selling "Make to Stick", have delivered another excellent book.

I've been reading a pre-release copy of the book. I'm going to post this week on some of the nuggets in "Switch".

The authors argue that successful changes share a common pattern. They require the leader of the change to recognize three surprises about change:

  • To change someone's behavior, you've got to change that person's situation
  • Change is hard because people wear themselves out
  • What looks like resistance to change is often a lack of clarity

To read an excerpt of the book before it hits the stores in February, take a look at this month's Fast Company. In a story entitled"Find a Bright Spot and Clone It, the brothers tell share three stories of how even hopelessly complex problems can have positive movement toward resolution.

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