Friday, January 1, 2010

The Calendar

It's 2010...a new year...a new decade...and a new calendar.

Hanging up inside a cabinet door in our kitchen, right next to the phone, is The Calendar. It's taken many forms over the years, but it serves as our family coordinator, so to speak. Every year on December 31 we take down the old one and put up a new one. The old one joins our file of 30 years of family memories.

The Calendar is a snapshot of what happens through the year - doctor's appointments, family and business trips, rugby games, church events, special nights out - if it happened, it's on The Calendar.

In this high tech world of smart phones, instant messaging, texting, Twitter, etc. it's reassuring to be a little "old school" and have a calendar on the wall that everyone contributes to and everyone can coordinate what's happening as a family.
Our family is ready for 2010 - The Calendar is pretty much blank, waiting to record our memories. We're looking forward to a great year!

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