Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little PDA, Please

That's Passion, Discipline, and Action - were you expecting something else?

Mark Sanborn, writing in "The Encore Effect", reminds us that everyday we are in a performance of sorts. Like actors in a play, there are bad performers, average performers, and exceptional performers.

Passion plus Discipline without Action = daydreaming

Discipline plus Action without Passion = a fire made from damp wood

Action plus Passion without Discipline = a race car without a driver

The right mix of PDA will move you into the exceptional category, enabling you to give a remarkable performance. Remarkable performances affect us, whether on the stage or in a meeting. They:

  • Move us to act
  • Make us feel good
  • Cause us to laugh
  • Stimulate us to think

The curtain is rising on your performance today - knock em dead!

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Mark Sanborn said...

Thanks for the nice mention of my work--I appreciate it! Mark