Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's Up?

Someone asked me "what's up with the posts on the homeless and the conversations about urban ministry?"

I don't know.

I do know God is always at work in my life, even when I am not aware of it (or consciously try to avoid it).

  • The weekend consultation trip to Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene last year that turned out to be way more beneficial to me than what I contributed to them.
  • The possibility of a return trip there in the near future (!!!)
  • An intense curiosity about the urban ministry context
  • Being a part of the Uptown Campus of Elevation Church - meeting at McGlohan Theater smack in the middle of Charlotte
  • Helping in Elevation's partner connections with local groups who are getting it done
  • Leading one of the parking teams at Elevation, with a couple of homeless guys serving when they can - not to get something, but to give themselves to help others
  • Reading "Same Kind of Different as Me" - a book that radiates God's love for the homeless and speaks of the power of friendship
  • Watching "the Soloist" and wondering how many people just like that I pass every day: gifted children of God who have much to offer but are rejected by society
  • Thomas Nelson Publishers sending me "What Difference Do It Make", the follow-up book by Denver Moore and Ron Hall after reading my initial blog post
  • Participating in Mayor Anthony Fox's summit on the homeless last week - a room full of 150 advocates that aren't just talking, but doing

I don't know what's up - but God does.

I don't always have to know, but I am always called to obey.

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g-force said...

Hi Bob,

We fully expect to see you again, & hope you can bring your wife with you next time... the Brooklyn Bridge awaits!