Thursday, July 30, 2009

Does Your Church Need a CIO?

That's Chief Innovation Officer.

In a great post by Larry Lundstrum at The Woodlands Church, a visit to their staff by Disney's Chief Information Officer leads to application to the church; you can read it here.

Disney is a great model for the church to study in a lot of ways, and Larry's post, along with notes from his friend Aaron, will make you think.

One of the most powerful quotes?
You don't have the resources that Disney has, but you have a power that Disney doesn't have.

That power is the Spirit of God - and it's lived out in the lives of His people, working in and through the church to serve the world.

That's innovation! How is your church being innovative to reach your community - and the world?

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Aaron (@aaronsu) said...

thanks for this post

excited about the technological innovation i see happening in many churches today

but like you point out in your post, innovation is not just about technology