Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from West Coast Trip

I would have taken a picture from LAX when I left this morning, but the sun wasn't up - and I barely was! True to the nature of this West Coast trip, my original flight was canceled, but at least they rebooked it for me as a direct flight. I just had to get from Long Beach up to LAX, leaving the hotel at 4:45 AM. I'm back in Charlotte, several time zones later, according to my body.

The NACBA continues on for a couple of days, but my part concluded last night with the close of the expo floor. During the 2 1/2 days of the expo, I met some potential clients, talked to a lot of old friends in the NACBA, and made some new ones.

My presentation Sunday afternoon - "Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary" was very well-received. Using Starbucks as a model from the business world and Granger Community Church from the church world, the session was on how churches need to provide top quality guest services and experiences. Audience participation and interaction was very good, especially since my speaking slot was the afternoon death valley: 1-2:45 PM.

I've already begun modifying and revising it, and will continue to do so for presentation at the upcoming WFX Charlotte October 28-30.

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