Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Business Activities in the Church

It is my privilege to work with churches of all sizes, organizational styles, and structure. But no matter what the church, there are some "business activities" that they must deal with in some form or fashion. The following list of activities require management skill:
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Information
  • Office
  • Food Service
  • Image
  • Facilities

You can probably add more. Whether it is a one-staff church or a church with 300 staff members, most, if not all, of the above activities take place every day. Here are some implications for those who are responsible for managing these activities:

  • Leaders who have the responsibility for management must be intentional not only about their primary assignments but also regarding the issues that other members of the organization face
  • Effective managers regularly collaborate with other people through significant processes to facilitate smooth systems operation and to prevent signs and sounds of discontent and malfunctioning organizations
  • For an organization to be effective, it must pursue excellence

How does your church handle "business" practices?

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