Monday, July 27, 2009

Church of England Begins Welcome Initiative

Bald? or Bulging? The Church of England is going out of its way to make sure you feel welcome.

A Church of England book published this week says they should be regarded as worshippers with "special needs" alongside the blind, the deaf, breastfeeding mothers and very short people.
The advice is part of an initiative launched this week to make churches more friendly and less intimidating to newcomers in an attempt to increase attendance at services.

The book, called Everybody Welcome, claims only one in 10 church visitors return because existing worshippers tend to be so unwelcoming.

It urges churches to become more professional in their attitude to attracting newcomers and suggests they follow the example of department stores in appointing customer-care managers.

The book's authors, Anglican clerics, warn that churches' failure to realise how unfriendly they can seem to visitors could lead to long-term decline in the number of people worshipping.

See the whole article here.

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