Sunday, July 26, 2009

Booty Reflections

The HQ of the ReCycle Team. We sleep in the tent to the rear, but hang out under the canopy when we are not on the course or eating up at the food tent.

This was a dry year (unlike the past two), but it got really hot by Saturday afternoon, with no breeze.

Set-up was busier than usual, but we managed to get a decent spot.

Bootyville-where the riders camp out when they are not riding.

It was more crowded than ever this year, with most of the spots taken within 2 hours of the field being opened.

Many teams have multiple tents; they are often decorated with lights and banners.

This year they had a contest on the best-decorated site: Mojo Riders, a large team that rides every year was the winner.

Jeff Autry
Tammy Morris

Chris Morris

This was my most memorable moments of the whole ride. On the parade lap, the course is lined with hundreds of friends and families who are cheering for the riders. Obviously this little guy has a dad on the course, but it meant a lot to all of us!
2009 24 Hours of Booty is over. I didn't rack up as many miles as I would have liked (around 87), but I did set a personal record for the most showers in 24 hours (5). The heat got to me in the end, and I stopped riding late Saturday afternoon.
The most important part of the weekend? Over $800,000 and counting raised for the fight against cancer.
It was a great weekend - I'm tired and sore, and moving slow. The last laps were painful, and I hated to pull off the course, but I knew my body was done. So much for 2009.
I can't wait till 2010!

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