Friday, March 25, 2011

The Virtual Experience

Guests coming to your church have already checked you out - maybe in person, but almost certainly online.

What are your digital experiences telling your guests?

My good friend Mark MacDonald, founder of Pinpoint Creative Group, is the best source on church digital information around.

Go here to view his website for all kinds of great information on the church digital world.

Go here to download his eBook on "The Ten Commandments of Church Websites."

Becoming a Experience Architect begins in the digital world.

Friday Resource Wrap-Up

A companion resource to Mark Waltz's excellent book "First Impressions" is his book "Lasting Impressions." Picking up were the first book left off, "Lasting Impressions" will help you discover how to create a church culture that encourages connections - lasting impressions - and continually draws people deeper into the life of your church...and of the Kingdom.

Another excellent resource is Nelson Searcy's book "Fusion." Searcy is the founding pastor of The Journey Church in New York City. "Fusion" is an innovative, practical guide full of practical, how-to-information, testimonials from newcomers-turned-members, and helpful materials and check points to make sure you stay on track.

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