Thursday, March 24, 2011

It All Starts with a Single Word

When it comes to ChurchWorld, more often than not we have visitors.

It may be a little thing to you, just a word, but I think it's actually a powerful first impression that needs to change.

Do you have visitor parking? Visitor packets? A Visitor's Center? Do you welcome your visitors during the service? And so on.

The first step in becoming an Experience Architect is to remove the word visitor from your vocabulary, never to be used again.

It's little thing, to be sure. But it's a mindset change that will really impact how you create the rest of the experience at your church.

You are expecting guests this weekend.

Guests come to your place, looking for a warm greeting, a smiling face, and an experience designed to make them feel like, well, guests. Nothing phony, manipulative, or in-your-face; just welcome them as guests with the most sincere, energizing, and loving experiences you can.

Can we agree to start with a simple change that conveys a powerful image, one that will be reflected throughout your church?

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