Thursday, March 31, 2011

Surprise Your Guests

From time to time throughout this 40 Day Guest Services Journey, I want to drop in some "Best Practices" from Mark Waltz and the Connections team at Granger Community Church. Author of the books "First Impressions" and "Lasting Impressions," Waltz and his team at GCC consistently knock it out of the park when it comes to Guest Services.

Surprise Your Guests

I'm not talking about jumping out from behind bushes and scaring your guests. That'd be a surprise, but no.

And I'm not thinking about blowing your budget to lavish you guest with extravagant gifts.

Think simple. Think functional. Think...
  • Umbrella escorts in inclement weather
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers around your building
  • Chairs/lounge area in the women's restrooms
  • Clean everything
  • Follow-up when guests request help
  • Mouthwash, lotion, and mints in the restroom
  • Soft seating in the common areas
The point isn't to merely surprise your guests. The surprise communicates care and value.

...because people matter.


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