Monday, August 9, 2010

Stirring the Flames of Passion

I've been revisiting some great books on presentations in preparation for a series of major opportunities in the next month or so. Mark Sanborn's "The Encore Effect" is one of these. Earlier this year I posted on his use of PDA in presentations.

Today, a look at a few more of his excellent suggestions that will have your audience (of one, or a thousand) calling for an encore.

Four Insights of a Passionate Performer
  • Passionate people know for whom they are performing
  • Passionate people know how to perform remarkably
  • Passionate people know why they perform
  • Passionate people know what their performance needs to look like
Cultivating Passion
  • Study and learn your subject matter
  • Use small achievements or successes to fuel larger ones
  • Look to other passionate people as role models
  • Plug the leaks
  • Make passion a part of your life
Does your passion for your work burn brightly? Or is just a smoldering flame?

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