Wednesday, August 11, 2010


When Jack Trout and Al Ries published "Positioning" in 1981, it became a classic marketing text about how to come to grips with the problems of communicating in an overcommunicated society.

A lot has changed since 1981 - and society is not just overcommunicated, it's hypercommunicated.

Enter Jack Trout's "Repositioning", a book on how to market in an era of competition, change, and crisis. Yeah, it's a business book - that just happens to have a lot to say to ChurchWorld. Here are some key points:

RePositioning happens when you:
  • ReThink your current marketing
  • ReFocus your consumer branding
  • ReAssess your organization's strengths
  • RePosition your organizational identity
  • ReClaim your competitive edge
3 C's of RePositioning
  • Beat the competition - Challenge your rivals, differentiate your services, increase your value, stand out in a crowd
  • Change with the times - Use the latest technology, communications, and multimedia resources to connect with your customers
  • Manage a crisis - Cope with everything from financial setbacks and rising costs to bad press and public relations nightmares
Understanding the mindset of your customers is half the battle. Winning in today’s world is often a matter of repositioning. It’s how you rethink the strategies you’ve always relied on. It’s how you regain the success you’ve worked so hard for. It’s how you win the new battle of the mind.

Don't be turned off by the business language. If you are intent on reaching a society that is driven by consumer mentality, it behooves you to understand it as best as you can.

"Repositioning" will help you do just that.

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