Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thoughts While Parking...

I lead one of the parking teams at Elevation Church's Uptown campus. Today I was working in the garage, greeting everyone as they parked and took the elevator down to the sidewalk for the walk up to the theater.

A few observations:

  • The smaller the car, the more difficult the driver has backing into the parking space
  • The traffic rate coming into the garage increases at an exponential rate the closer it is to the experience time
  • Collge kids were out in force today (driving and riding)
  • When I hear tires squealing in the deck, I can be pretty sure it's a male under the age of 21 driving
  • Some people get a red "x" and a green "arrow" confused
  • Pigeons take care of one another
  • When I smile at someone and say "Welcome to Elevation", it's a 99.9 percent likelihood that they will return the smile, even if they were frowning coming in
  • I work with a great parking team (even when machines fail us, you came through again!
  • Our job as the "first face" of Elevation is to welcome everyone to the garage and smile them on their way to the worship experience
Today was amazing - there was a creative worship element that was just awesome: a great set-up for Pastor Steven's message.

Word just came around that the Uptown campus had 981 attending - shattering our previous high numbers. We sent party buses to 4 college campuses and that was great!

No apologies - we care about the numbers, because behind the number is a person, and behind that person is a story of someone God loves.

Simply. Amazing. Thank you God for allowing me to be a small part of YOUR great movement called Elevation!

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