Sunday, August 15, 2010

School's Starting...

It's that time of year when school buses are rolling down the street making their practice runs, back-to-school sales are everywhere, and parents and kids are counting the days (though for different reasons).

School is starting.

For the Adams family, though, it's not about Crayons and paper and other supplies - it's a whole new experience.

Around our house, we had a different kind of prep for starting school this weekend: Amy has finished college (in 3 years!) and is getting ready to begin her master's work at Campbell Divinity School this week.

She finished her summer job as unit leader at Mundo Vista Girls Camp last week, and came home for a few days before heading to her new home: a rental house she is sharing with 3 other girls. Anita and I had already delivered most of her stuff over the July 4th weekend; this time we went to finish decorating.

29 years ago I was in a similar situation: starting graduate school (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY). It was a little different for me: I had been married for almost two years, we had a six month old, and I was moving to a school in which I knew only one student.

Amy has been on the campus for 3 years, she (of the bubbly and outgoing personality) knows everyone and is known by everyone, and she has worked for several of her professors in different capacities.

She's going to do great, and she is eagerly looking forward to this new chapter in her life.

Gotta laugh at one thing though: in a house with four girls who are somewhat possessive about things, Anita suggested she label her food with her initials. Amy promptly got a Sharpie out and started putting AA on the food.

Some things never change...

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Bob Adams said...

One minor correction - Amy labeled her food because she could not remember what she had purchased and did not want to eat her roomies' goodies! One sign of aging? (From MOM)