Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Kneebone is Connected to the ...

Whether it's the nursery rhyme about the bones or Newton's Second Law or today's crazy economic scene, it's pretty amazing to me how things connect and interact with one another. I know it's a God thing, and I'm very grateful for that right now.

Consider this:

I'm at work prepping for the fourth and final presentation in our Financial Learning Lab. We brought in experts from four different financial companies to talk with us on their work, how we can partner with churches to find funding for construction projects, and what their take is on the current financial picture. It's been great stuff, and will fundamentally alter our client interactions.

I spoke at Radiant Life Fellowship last Sunday on the topic of Transition, and will be speaking again in a couple of weeks on "Collective Potential".

I will be spending four days at Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene beginning Friday for an all day Leadership Summit, observation and analysis of space and ministry needs, staff meetings, and a meeting with an architect on site.

While these three events stand alone, they are also interrelated in unique ways. I am finding that my prep, delivery, and reflections for one are dovetailing into another.

All of this fits together, and is intertwined and connected in a way that only God can orchestrate. I feel totally inadequate for the task, and am behind in my preparations, but in a calming sort of way I know that God will bring something good for His work.


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