Monday, January 5, 2009

Divine Appointments

I love it when the God of the Universe reorganizes my schedule for a divine appointment. My view of God is so big that He created the universe and everything in it and that the universe owes its continued existence to Him. My view of God is so small that He delights in rearranging my schedule so that I run into people in the parking lot that I need to see, and hear from.

My day included a stop at Staples for office supplies, to the library to drop off and pick up books, gas for the Jeep (my office on wheels), the post office to mail some CD picture files to architects, and then by a client’s office to drop off a packet of information for an upcoming meeting. Simple enough, and logical – at least to me. That’s the most efficient way to make the trip.

God had other plans.

Looking at the long line out of the gas station and not wanting to fight the traffic, I turned the other way, the less efficient way, and headed to the client’s office. I dropped the info off, headed out to the Jeep – and promptly ran into one of the members of the vision team who was coming by the office also. We only had a 5 minute conversation, but it was pure gold. Insights from this individual on his thoughts of the upcoming project, observations about the vision team makeup, and his belief that God would guide the process if we would only listen with our hearts and not just act with our heads. It was stuff I desperately needed to hear, but would not, could not, have uncovered on my own.

Thank you, God, for reminding me daily that you want to be involved in all our lives, and that you want us to constantly seek Your wisdom.

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