Thursday, January 22, 2009

About the Name

I've been asked several times in the last few days about the name of this blog. Here's the deal:

There are currently 4 generations of Adams men alive: my father, me, my son, and my grandson. The average of the years between generations is 27 years. Here we are at my other son's wedding last May:

That's Jack being held by my son Jonathan; my father HD, and me.

I write this blog as a cultural anthropologist - observing life in, and around, the church, particularly its leaders. I view it all through the lens of my faith, family, friends, and the future. I was greatly impacted by my dad and the church; my son is now having the same opportunities with Jack.

So, I listen, watch, and interact with the culture and the church. If God chooses to use me in some small way to impact His church, then that's really great. I want Jack to have the same, and even more, opportunities than any of his previous generations did.

That's what 27gen is all about.

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