Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bronx Adventure, Day 3

This will be an abbreviated post as I am heading to the airport ina few minutes.
Yesterday my agenda was a series of meetings:
*Time with Pastor Sam
*Meeting with architects-Pete Ed and Kimberly- and Pastor Sam
*Staff meeting
*Board Meeting

It was primarily a day devoted to the physical spaces at BBCN presently and dreaming of future possibilities. I got back to the hotel after 11, pretty wiped out from the day. I will try to do some summary posts later.
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Devon Bennett said...

Come back soon, Bob. I certainly learned a lot.

g-force said...

Bob, it was so great to meet you in person. You have given us much to consider and pray about.

I believe that you, with Anita, will be back in NY soon- the Brooklyn Bridge awaits your footsteps! See you at His appointed time,