Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Organizing Personas

Recap: today's post is the second of three which take a look at Tom Kelley's book "The Ten Faces of Innovation." Monday, the Learning Personas were reviewed. Today, it's the Organizing Personas. For a brief look at all ten, see here.

The organizing roles are played by individuals who are savvy about the often counter intuitive process of how organizations move ideas forward. Kelly found that ideas could not speak for themselves; instead, even the best ideas must continuously compete for time, attention, and resources. It's not just office politics or red tape; it's a complex game of chess, and they play to win.
  • The Hurdler knows the path to innovation is strewn with obstacles and develops a knack for overcoming or outsmarting those roadblocks.
  • The Collaborator helps bring eclectic groups together and often leads from the middle of the pack to create new combinations and multidisciplinary solutions.
  • The Director not only gathers together a talented cast and crew but also helps spark their creative talents.
Every organization, no matter how small or large, has systems of how things get done (or don't). By adopting one of the roles above, members of your team can move ideas and innovations forward.

Facing a daunting task? Stymied by seemingly huge barriers? Become an organizing persona, and make things happen!

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