Thursday, May 20, 2010

Innovation Redoux

I'm working on a project for ChurchWorld involving "innovation." The very word is frightening to many church leaders, but I would submit that thriving churches need to constantly innovate in all areas of their ministries.

A few nuggets to start the conversation:

If some is good, more isn't necessarily better. A disciplined focus on what matters most is essential to innovation and growth.
- Tim Manners, "Relevance"

Four Challenges to Innovation
* Distractions
* Normalcy
* Failure
* Leadership
- Stephen Lundin, "Cats: The Nine Lives of Innovation"

Team Up for Innovation
* Stretch for strength
* Go for distance
* Never surrender
* Embrace the mental game
* Celebrate coaches
- Tom Kelley, "The Ten Faces of Innovation"

Innovation - is it in you?
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