Thursday, May 14, 2009

WFX Day 2 Wrap Up

Dave Gibbons, pastor of New Song Church in Irvine, author of "The Monkey and the Fish"
  • There is a change coming from hard power (brute force) to soft power (influence of attraction)
  • Beware of the trap of plugging and playing instead of innovating and praying
  • As you become light and eradicate darkness, beauty will come in (Isiah 58-60)
  • Love your neighbor (someone NOT like you) and God's beauty will be unleashed and the world will sit up and take notice
  • Instead of thinking about answers, think about questions.

Missed out on John Ortberg's keynote, but had a very productive session with the general manager and vice president of EH Publishing, talking about preliminary work for WFX Charlotte, coming October 28-30. JHB has made a big commitment to the show, and we are working on some pretty cool stuff for the show.

Toured the Expo floor for awhile, checking in on old friends and making a few new ones. Interesting AV technology continues to be rolled out, especially in the digital and LED realms. Will try to squeeze in another quick trip tomorrow AM.

Had lunch with the Church Solutions team, enjoying the sunny California weather. We decided that Friday's sessions should be held outside.

The evening session was a two hour brain stretching exercise called The Idea Camp. Tony Kim, Executive Pastor of New Song Church, Eric Bryant of Mosaic, and Mel McGowan of Visioneering led a real-time and online discussion on the theme of "Creativity". Some good seeds sown throughout the exercise.

Closing up shop now to review my final presentation, pack, and head to bed. My body is still on East Coast time, but it's beginning to show!

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