Wednesday, May 20, 2009

meatball sundae

I usually end up averaging about one flight per month for most of the year. Most of my flight involves the eastern half of the US; though occasionally I head west. My typical pattern is to buy a magazine that I would not normally read at the airport while I am waiting to board. Once on the flight, I will read the magazine from cover to cover, including ads. I highlight stories, phrases, photos - anything that catches my eye and categorize them for later use. I find that the difference in environment stimulates thinking patterns. It also forces me to focus, as there are relatively few distractions on the flight.

Oftentimes, a single phrase, sentence, or photo will form the genesis of a blog post, magazine article, or presentation for a client. Take the illustration from yesterday's post: a Swiss Army Knife combined with a 2 GB flash drive.

When I saw this item in a magazine, my first thought was - this is really cool! Then, in a stream of consciousness, the following thoughts occurred:
  • The use of a Swiss Army knife (scissors) in the recent Pink Panther movies
  • The time when my youngest son cut the tip of his thumb nearly off with a Swiss Army knife (that he "borrowed" from his older brother)
  • Dealing with that crisis while simultaneously dealing with my daughter's broken wrist, which happened 5 minutes before
  • Trying to explain both of these to the ER personnel while avoiding being reported to Family Services
  • The ubiquitous Swiss Army brand and how it is used (my brief case, for example)
  • How did the Swiss Army brand originate?
  • Do we have Swiss Army items in the church?
  • Can you take this item through TSA at the airport?
So, in about 15 seconds thought, I surmised that it was a great idea but maybe not practical for an airline traveler.
Which puts it in the category of a meatball sundae. Which is for tomorrow's post.

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