Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Dino Rizzo, pastor of Healing Place Church (11 sites, 18 services, over 7,000 participating) was featured yesterday on the inaugural Leadership Network program “The Show”. Some of his key points:
  • We have got to understand the power of diversity
  • The disciples and the early church were models of diversity and opposites attracting
  • God calls us to reach people we don’t care about
  • In John 5, Jesus models how to leave the group for the one
  • Opposites are going to attract
  • The integrity of ministry is not to the masses, but to the one
  • The poor were never meant to be a trend; therefore the heart to serve the poor shouldn’t be a trend, but a part of our DNA

Servolution is a book title. It’s also a movement that Healing Place Church pioneered for churches to reach out to their communities in the 7 days before Easter. Rizzo estimates that tens of thousands of volunteers from over 240 churches in 38 states and 15 nations served hundreds of thousands of people during that period.

Servolution – get used to it!

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