Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Headed to WFX Long Beach

I'm flying out of Charlotte this morning, headed to Long Beach CA and the Worship Facilities Expo. I've got a full week, making three presentations, moderating a breakfast roundtable discussion, and meeting with WFX staff about the Charlotte show this fall.

Here are my presentation thumbnails:

Developing a Creation Care Audit for Your Church
Green. Sustainable. Environmentally responsible. Stewardship. No matter what words you use, the movement to become more aware of our impact in the environment is growing. The church, as a community leader, has an important role to play. Learn how your church can measure its environmental impact now and what steps can be taken to improve it in the future. Walk away with examples to help adapt your church to become more environmentally responsible.

Puttin’ on the Ritz: Creating WOW Experiences at Your Church
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is legendary for providing an exemplary level of customer service for its guests. Church leadership teams can follow their examples in providing experiences that consistently WOW guests and members alike. In this session, learn how to understand your guests and their needs while exploring ways to deliver a high level of customer service to ensure positive guest experiences. Put processes in place now to deliver WOW moments…and prevent WHOA incidents.

Creating Leaders
Volunteers are often the the backbone of your ministry, whether on the administration side or the facilities side. Keeping these workers motivated and learning can be challenging when the rewards are intangible. The promise or goal of growing with the church and continuing to serve in the future can become a encouragement to otherwise burnt-out folks. This session will explore how you can nurture your team and transition a volunteer in any ministry position into a leader.

One of the best things about WFX is the information flow - as you can tell from my topics above, there will be a wide range of sessions on everything dealing with church facilities. I like to make these presentations, but you can be sure I will also be soaking up the three days worth of sessions as well.

Look for updates and summaries here throughout the week.

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