Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Memorable Process

Today is a continuation of a quick journey through Bert Decker's path from information to influence. Briefly, he created a matrix of four actions, and then expanded it by four types of communication modes. Here is a quick look at The Educational Process; here is the Involving Process.

The Memorable Process

Moving people from the intellectual to the emotional realm is more difficult. This idea is not about ignoring the intellectual or reasoning processes in the listener, but adding the emotional dimension to your content. This is not something that is taught to us, but it is a very powerful mindset that you can learn quickly and use continuously.

Emotional perspective comes from the energy of our behavior, of course, but it can also be applied in our content. We want to become memorable by using techniques and methods that get us out of the dry and didactic world of facts and figures. We want to use our creativity, to become storytellers and interesting visualizers, to move deeper into the world of ideation and metaphor.

Decker's book is entitled "You've Got to Be Believed to Be Heard." It's a great resource for anyone who speaks before a group of people - from 5 to 500. My focus (which ends tomorrow) has only been on one section - From Information to Influence.  There are four other sections that will help you create, organize, and then deliver - powerfully - your message.

Tomorrow: The Motivating Result

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