Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Few Thoughts to Start Your Day...

The Revolution Continues...
  • Seth Godin's Monday evening post: I saw a two-year old kid (in diapers, in a stroller), using an iPod Touch today. Not just looking at it, but browsing menus and interacting. This is a revolution, guys.

"Deeper" Christians?
  • My pastor, Steven Furtick, on the fallacy of "deeper" Christians: The point of the study of the Bible is not to learn things you’ve never heard of before but to begin living in a way nobody has seen before. And this can only be the result of active engagement with God’s Word, not merely increased depth in God’s Word.
Bad Situations are Great Opportunities to Earn Word of Mouth
  • Brilliant - simply brilliant: When a Southwest Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale to Denver had to be diverted to Pueblo because of bad weather, passengers were forced to wait two hours on the ground until the Denver airport could reopen.

    Passengers were tired, frustrated, and stuck.

    And that’s when the Southwest pilot announced he was ordering pizza for everyone. About 30 minutes later, row by row, the pilot personally handed out slices to the stranded travelers.

Shower Time

  • Simon Sinek says a couple of more minutes in the shower will help you be creative: When we take showers or go for a drive (or paint or run or wherever you allow your mind to wander), it continues trying to solve the issues we face in our lives at the time. It accesses all our past experiences to help us see things our conscious brains can not.

Now you know; now it's time to act differently...

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