Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Milestone at ABF

A church construction project goes on for months and months; after the excitement of the groundbreaking and the first few weeks, sometimes interest begins to lag. At JH Batten, we like to keep the client fully informed and involved throughout the project. One of the ways we do that is through “milestone celebrations”. Scheduled throughout the duration of the project, they help the client keep the momentum and enthusiasm at a high level.

On one of our recent projects, a new sanctuary and education building for Alliance Bible Fellowship in Boone, NC, the congregation was able to come onto the site at the end of Phase 1 of construction and participate in a “beam signing” ceremony.

The ceremony is typical in large construction projects by signing their names and writing scripture verses and prayers on the steel infrastructure of the building when it is complete. Members of the church “left their mark” on the steel columns, signing with permanent markers.

Some view the signing of the beam as a form of legalized graffiti and almost like a time capsule for members. While we hope the building is there for awhile, in a hundred years if the building is demolished, some day somebody will know a little more about ABF; who they were, why they were here and that they had a presence and purpose for the project.

At its very basic meaning, the names of those who signed will be forever attached to ABF’s worship center project.

And that's a pretty cool thing!

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