Sunday, June 20, 2010

Because I am a father...

...I get to be a grandfather!

Spending the day with Jack yesterday meant:
- a trip to Lowes to get the materials to repair a window
- buying an American flag which he waved throughout the store
- a trip to Walmart for a Woody t-shirt and a "bikey" - his word for anything with wheels that isn't a car or truck
- the "bikey" just happens to be radio-controlled, so it's a gift for Jon and Jack to play with together
- playing the rest of the day, inside and out

The other big part of my Father's Day weekend was a surprise by Aaron and Amy: they cooked up a plan with Anita to come home from their camp jobs for the weekend!

Friday when I got home from a meeting, Aaron walked out of his room. Saturday night on the drive back from Boone Amy called to tell me about her week at camp, her day spent at her house in Buies Creek, and "oh by the way I'm at home and will meet you, Mom and Aaron for supper tonight."

And of course I wouldn't be a Dad at all if it weren't for Anita. She is amazing!

Thanks you guys for a great weekend! I love you!
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Donna said...

I really enjoyed this blog entry. The Dickerts are thankful to share daily life with the Adams.