Friday, September 4, 2009


I had read several of Craig Groeschel's books prior to Catalyst last year in Atlanta. I had heard him speak online several times. But it was really his main stage presentation at the Catalyst event, coupled with his last book "it", that leads me to close Speed Reading Week with a focus on one chapter of "it" - Kingdom-Mindedness: You Share it.

Groeschel opens the chapter with this quote:

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others
and the world remains and is immortal.
-Albert Pine

There are very few ministries in this country (maybe in the world) that do so much for others with no expectations. Here's just a sampling of the work they have provided - free - for anyone to use in their own church:

  • YouVersion


  • Second Life campus

  • Swerve blog

  • OnePrayer movement

  • Facebook application for their Internet campus

  • ChurchMetrics


  • YouVersion Bible app


I'll let you go online and take a look at these resources on your own ( Craig Groeschel and the amazing team at LifeChurch really get "it".

Here are a couple of thoughts from "it" that sum up LifeChurch pretty well:

A kingdom-minded ministry is one whose leaders care more about what God is doing everywhere than what God is doing in their own ministry. A kingdom-minded ministry is generous and eager to partner with other to get more done for the glory of God.

And some it factors:

  • The more possessive and competitive we are, the more divided we become

  • When you have it, you know that it doesn't belong to you. It belongs to God. He gives it

  • Since it is His and not yours, you're willing to share it

  • The more you try to keep it, the less of it you tend to have. The more you are willing to give it away, the more of it God seems to give.

What can you do? More than you think.

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