Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sneak Preview at Elevation Blakeney Campus

It's just a building till the people of God show up; then it becomes a church.

That was Pastor Steven Furtick's opening remark tonight at the sneak preview for Elevation leaders as we get ready to open our fourth campus in Blakeney.

The CO was just given this morning; the paint was barely dry; some of the flat screens weren't working quite right, but the night was all about honoring God for His blessings of our church.

Some of the remarkable things God provided:
  • A building pad completely finished and ready to build, with site work complete - saving literally millions of dollars
  • Very favorable terms for the financing of the building costs not raised in Kingdom Come last year
  • A 2.6 acre site reduced $200,000 if we could pay in cash-which we did
  • Completing the building in less than 11 months
  • 1,200 parking spaces, with 5 means of egress
  • Powerful impact in the cultural community in a facility designed for performances of all types
Pastor Steven quoting Rick Warren:
  • When you're small, people ignore you
  • When you're growing, people criticize you
  • When you're large, people resent you
To which he added:
  • When you're blessed, people can't stop you
God is truly blessing Elevation, and we are grateful!

Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and dominate this city!

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