Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Building Project Choreography

One definition of choreography is “the art of composing dances by planning and arranging the movements, steps, and patterns of the dancers.” In the same way, a successful church design & construction project involving AVL is also choreography. The project:
  • is an art form
  • is a composition
  • involves planning and arranging
  • is about movement, steps, and patterns
A working illustration of design-construction-AVL choreography can be found on Alliance Bible Fellowship’s new worship center project: JH Batten Design Builders, Livingstones Architecture, and Signature Sight and Sound have joined together to work with Alliance’s tech team from the very beginning. Early in the planning stages, a working partnership was launched. As the project moved from schematic design to final construction documents, all the partners kept up a running dialog to make sure what the church wanted could be done, on time and in budget.

This panel discussion is taking place today at WFX in Ballroom B, from 1-2:30 PM. It will illustrate the choreography involved in a successful church project with extensive AVL applications. In just the same way dancers must plan, rehearse, and perform a choreographed dance number, a church AVL project involves choreography all throughout the project.

How to Choreograph a Great Building Project
  • Have a vision
  • Pick the music before you start making up the dance
  • Don't dance to the words of the song
  • Count!
  • Don't depend on tricks
Here's the team that is "dancing" on the Alliance Project:

Alliance Bible Fellowship
  • Dean Moyers, Worship and Fine Arts Pastor
  • Ben Cranor, Technical Director
JH Batten
  • Gil Hunter, Project Manager
  • Bob Adams, Development Consultant
Living Stones Architecture
  • David Dial, Steward/President
Signature Sight and Sound
  • Van Sachs, Consultant
Want to learn to dance?

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