Saturday, July 24, 2010

National Drive-Thru Day

We spend $110 billion in the drive-thru lanes of fast-food joints each year, but burgers and shakes aren't alone in getting the grab and go treatment. Other notable events in drive-thru history:
  • 1948: In-N-Out Burger opens in Baldwin Park, CA, and the fast food drive-thru is born.
  • 1953: Roller-skating carhops become a signature at the first Sonic dive-in.
  • 1953: The First Christian Church of Daytona Beach converts a drive-in theater into the first drive-in church.
  • 1975: McDonald's opens its first drive-thru in AZ.
  • 1989: Chicago's Gatling's Funeral Home introduces a drive-thru viewing option.
  • 2004: McDonald's and other chains begin outsourcing order taking.
  • 2006: A Subway in Ohio implements touch-screen drdering in the drive-trud
  • 2009: The Burgerville chain opens its drive-thru to bicycists.

Celebrate with a Quarter Pounder and fries!

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