Friday, July 9, 2010

A First for Me...

So, it's been a long, busy week for both Anita and me. As a surprise, I told her it was a date night when she walked in from work this afternoon. Birkdale Village was the destination: dinner, a movie, and Barnes and Noble (with cafe - for dessert) was the plan.

Brixx Pizza provided the dinner: we split a Mediterranean salad and chicken Florentine pizza. After a quiet supper, we strolled down to the movie theater to see "Knight and Day." So far, so good. I asked for two tickets, and the young lady, very cheerful, said "Here you go - have a great evening!" I didn't really think about it till I got to the door.

The tickets were senior price - $3 off the normal price. Each.

Okay, I do have more silver and gray than brown in my hair. I do have a middle-age spread (I prefer to think of it as my best years are in front of me). And I am a grandfather once (and fixing to be again).

But really - senior prices?

AARP can't be far behind.

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