Friday, May 28, 2010

Putting It All In Context

Here's a recap of the past few day's review of Tom Kelley's "Ten Faces of Innovation", a classification of the 10 different personas needed to create a culture of innovation in your organization:

  • The Anthropologist observes human behavior
  • The Experimenter works by constant trial and error
  • The Cross-Pollinator takes new ideas from over the fence
  • The Hurdler never gives up
  • The Collaborator stands in the middle of different groups
  • The Director gets the right people involved
  • The Experience Architect probably used to work for Starbucks
  • The Set Designer designs the best possible environments
  • The Caregiver is focused on people's needs, often anticipating them
  • The Storyteller loves compelling narratives
Think of the ten personas as a toolbox - you seldom need all the tools at once, but the perfect toolbox is one where you use all of them pretty frequently.

Innovation doesn't happen on its own, but with the right team, you're up to the challenge. Innovation doesn't just turn organizations around - it becomes a way of life. It's fun; it's invigorating.

And it works.

If you have all 10 personas on your side, you can drive creativity and build a unique culture of innovation.

What are you waiting for?

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