Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meetings Aren't Always for the Many...

...sometimes the best results come from one-on-one meetings.

John Pearson, in his book "Mastering the Management Buckets," has a great chapter on meetings. Part of the chapter deals with materials from Patrick Lencioni's great book "Death by Meeting." Also included are some great ideas (and a model report form) for one-on-one meetings.

Many meetings end with the perception that assignments and end results are crystal clear. In reality, we often fail to communicate. Pearson suggests that one-on-one meetings with each of a leader's direct reports can be a powerful antidote to miscommunication.

Here are some of Pearson's benefits of this type of meeting:
  • Team members are affirmed regularly
  • Direct reports more consistently leverage their strengths, their social styles, and their spiritual gifts
  • Standards of performance are clear and goals are achieved on time and under budget
  • Staff conflict, gossip, and misinformation challenges are dramatically reduced because truth-telling is a practiced core value
  • Bottlenecks and missed deadlines are eliminated
  • Recommendations are more thoughtful and intentional
  • Communication is enhanced as you use your direct report's preferred communication style
  • The pulse (morale, passion, and energy) of your team is checked weekly
  • Affirmed and productive team members mean less staff turnover
  • members often give you affirmation!
Check out Pearson's book here or take a look at an excerpt here.

How about trying a one-on-one meeting this week?

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