Thursday, May 6, 2010

Man Overboard!

Continuing a series of post on the book "Onboarding", but applied to ChurchWorld:

Yesterday I noted the author's process for onboarding. What happens when a process like that isn't followed?

I think you get the picture!

If we fail to bring a new team member onboard with the right process, we are setting them up for failure - man overboard! Bradt and Vonnegut have found that a new team member's failure to perform usually stem from one or more of the following things:

  1. role failure due to unclear or misaligned expectations and resources. That's a preparation miss.
  2. A personal failure due to lack of strengths, motivation, or fit. That's a recruiting/selecting miss.
  3. A relationship failure due to  early missteps. That's a head start/early days miss.
  4. An engagement failure due to early days' experiences. That's a management miss.
Do you want to avoid having to toss a life ring to a new team member? Do you want to bring a new level of effectiveness to your team by improving and integrating the disconnected experiences of your enlistment, training, and OTJ learning processes?

You can.

The preselection contact, preparation, orientation, and training of your new team members can be a part of a powerful teachable moment.

Want to know more? Check back tomorrow for a trip to the stage to learn how onboarding can help your team become more successful.

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