Friday, June 12, 2009

Reverse Mentoring

When I discovered Earl Crep's Reverse Mentoring, I had good intentions to read though it quickly and post several days of comments. That plan is out the window, as I find myself "undone" by what I am reading. The best I can offer is the remaining broad sections of the book.

Cultivating Spirituality
Vision: Seeing beyond ourselves
Wisdom: Knowing beyond our information
Relationship: Befriending beyond our peers

Experiencing Practicality
Evangelism: Learning from outsiders
Communication: Learning from listeners
Leadership: Learning from followers

Developing Reciprocity
Protégés: Developing reverse-mentoring relationships
Processes: Embedding reverse-mentoring in organizations

There is so much depth and change contained in the possibilities of this book that I need to process. It's not a simple intellectual exercise anymore. Two generations, one insight: the almost unexplored power of real collaboration.

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