Monday, June 29, 2009

Purple Cow

Regular readers know that Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors, and that his writing, while not originally intended for a church audience, is always dead-on applicable for church leaders to read, digest, and put into practice.

Purple Cow” is one such book.

Yes, the title comes from the limerick. It’s all about being remarkable. Not in the sense of “incredible” or “extraordinary”, but as in “worthy of remark.” Godin refers to remarkable when a product or service inspires users to spread the word to someone else.

How many experiences did you have today that you are going to tell your five closest friends about? One? None? Now think about the experiences your “customers” had today. Will they be raving to their friends? If your answer to the question is not a confident “yes,” then it’s time to do something remarkable.

What’s the purple cow in your organization?

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Paul said...

I Loved the Purple Cow, but what really changed my life was the Ideavirus. I will never do evangelism the same after that book.