Thursday, June 25, 2009

What are Your Results?

The results of social sector organizations (like the church) are always measured outside the organization in changed lives and changed conditions – in people’s behavior, circumstances, health, hopes, and in their competence and capacity. If the church is going to further its mission, it needs to determine what should be appraised and judged, and then concentrate resources for results.

Progress and achievement is measured in qualitative and quantitative terms. These two types of measures are interwoven and shed light on one another – and both are necessary to illuminate in what ways and to what extend lives are being changed. Qualitative measures address the depth and breadth of change within its particular context. They begin with specific observations, build toward patterns, and tell a subtle, individualized story. Quantitative measures use definitive standard. They begin with categories and expectations and tell an objective story.

Leadership is accountable to determine what must be appraised and judged, to protect the organization from squandering resources, and to ensure meaningful results.

What are your results?

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