Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Invisible Perfection

What the Diner (Hopefully) Doesn’t Notice

At Le Bernardin, one of New York's premier four-star restaurants, excellence happens best when it's not seen at all. A meal there is usually so relaxed and gracious, it's hard to imagine the military precision with which the dining room is run.
  • Before meals, the area is prepared according to checklist
  • During meals, all staff adhere to strict training guidelines
  • A florist makes a daily flower change on all the tables
  • Silver and flatware get a weekly polish in a burnishing machine
  • The concept of "mise en place" - put in place – extends to the dining room as well as kitchen
When we succeed, it looks effortless, but it’s not. It’s all codified into different organizations. It’s totally controlled – and the guest should have no idea - Executive Chef Eric Ripert

Can you say the same about your organization and its interactions with guests?
Why not?

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