Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feed Your Brain

I always thought Cherry Coke and a Hershey's bar was brain food, but neuroscience is proving me wrong.

Marilee Sprenger, author of "The Leadership Brain for Dummies," thinks that our leadership brains can be nourished so that they excel. You can provide great leadership and brain "nourishment" for your team by:
  • Providing training opportunities - on the job, onsite, offsite, virtually - you name it. Learning never stops, and the brain thrives on it.
  • Conducting personal meetings - by letting team members know you value their contributions, they are secure and will be more productive.
  • Keeping stress levels low - high stress interferes with the brain's functions; offer coaching, mentoring, and partnering programs to help your team thrive without stressing out.
  • Celebrating successes - big or small, celebrations help teams bond. Make them regular and special; after all, humans are social animals.
  • Connecting teamwork and the organizational goals - help your team's brains make pathways to work more efficiently.
  • Promoting life outside of work - emphasize exercise, rest, and family time; without breaks, the brain can't work at its best.
Tomorrow: Using Your Leadership Brain in Decision-Making

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