Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are You in the Top 5?

That's Top 5% - as in the exceptional presenters who are talked about for all the right reasons.

Mark Sanborn's "The Encore Effect" is filled with helpful ideas on becoming a presenter who effectively communicates his message to the audience, causing them to call for an encore.

Here are Sanborn's methods for moving into that rare atmosphere of the Top 5%:

  • Find out things about your audience they won't imagine you could know
  • Anticipate every question your audience might raise and formulate a strong answer
  • Rehearse every problem that might arise
  • Know more about your competitor's products, features, and benefits than they do
  • Become the expert in your field
  • Through your appearance and demeanor, give your performance a level of gravitas that your audience won't forget
  • Give your audience more than one reason to invite you back
Think your job description doesn't make you a presenter?

Think again.

Anyone who comes into contact with other people - in your organization or outside it - needs to know how to be a Top 5 performer.

The curtain is coming up - it's showtime!

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Mark said...

Thanks for the nice review. There is more information at www.theencoreeffect.com Also, I'll point out that the book is written for improving any performance, although certainly the application to speaking is relevant.